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If you or someone that you care about is having problems with drug or alcohol, contact us to learn new ways to improve their quality of life at (714)-417-0281 or email at info(at)newwayslifecoaching(dot)com.

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New Ways Life Coaching Program

New Ways Life Coaching Program (NWLCP) offers a new approach to rehabilitation and life transitions for clients who are recovering from their drug and/or alcohol addiction. Trained Life Coaches assist and mentor each individual client to learn new strategies to improve their quality of life during these stages. NWLCP provides life application sessions and workshops that target mental, emotional, physical, and social issues which recovering addicts may face during their recover.

Coaching Steps

  1. Initial assessments of each client
  2. Matched with a Life Coach to meet specific needs
  3. Set up of sessions and/or workshops
  4. Follow up support
  5. Access to Life Coaches for up to a year after program completion


  • Confidentiality- All client communication and information are kept confidential and private. See the privacy policy page for more information.
  • Responsibility- All clients are expected to want to learn and take responsibility for their road to recovery.
  • Commitment- All clients are expected to complete the program and make every effort to apply these changes into their lives
  • Integrity- All NWLCP trained Life Coaches are themselves recovering addicts who have successfully overcome their addictions
    and are using their own personal experience to teach and train new clients on recovery strategies

Topics Include:

  • Individual Rehabilitation Plans
  • Communication Skills
  • Character Deficits and Assets
  • Alcoholism- A Disease
  • Relapse Prevention Plans
  • Processing Deep Rooted Issues
  • Long-Term & Short-Term Goals
  • Family Support
  • Community Resources


Program costs are based on a sliding scale for each individual client. Hour long sessions can be done on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis depending on a clients' initial assessment. For more information on pricing, please contact the NWLCP Headquarters at 714- 417-0281 or send an email to info(at) newwayslifecoaching(dot)com.

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